Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Five minutes

I knew it was dicey when I walked upstairs. Five minutes. That's all I needed. That's all it took.

Amelia whined briefly as I walked back down the stairs. I sigh. What now? "What's going on, girls?"

"I fell under the table," says The Amelia.

Well if you'd stop standing on the chairs, I think to myself as I round the corner into the dining room. Hmmmm. I should have a child under the table and a child sitting at the table. Where is the latter? Giggles float up from under my husband's great-grandmother's table.

Oh, please no. My calm self says to my panicked self, "They're washable markers. We're not THAT stupid." I brace for the worst and notice that no markers remain beside the open Dora coloring books. 

Amelia says, "Do it 'gain, 'Ginia." Explosion of giggles.

Virginia then says to me, "Mom, Amelia has stripes on her face!"

This post is for Uncle Dave. And I'm convinced the material is a gift from Aunt Ginger, just to make him smile. Thanks for reading, Uncle Dave. I love you.

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  1. I love it. You realize you folks are just like the cast of a play. I'm not exactly sure if the play is a tragedy or comedy, but without a writing staff it doesn't really matter. It's just such a joy to watch. Twenty, thirty, forty years from now pictures like this will bring memories of moments like this rushing back to enjoy over and over. I can almost hear the laughing they will cause. Treasure these!


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